I believe there is beauty in every photograph
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I do.
You do.
We did it!
The question was popped.
The answer was yes.
We're engaged!
It’s YOUR year!
Have fun and look GREAT!
Portraits of the people you love and the moments you never want to forget!
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Life is about those moments that mean the most to us. Your investment is in moments that you want to last forever. Those moments are priceless.
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When you've found someone who makes your journey through life that much better, there's no greater feeling in the world! The most important moments in your life should be UNFORGETTABLE and captured on camera, especially your wedding day.

2013 Wedding Packages include two photographers and start at $2200.

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It doesn’t matter who asked whom. What matters is that you’re both crazy about each other and you can’t imagine growing through life without one another! Now it’s time to pick two or three outfits that fit your unique styles and personalities and take fun photos full of love that will be perfect to let all your friends and family know it’s official! You’re officially engaged and will be getting hitched soon!

Engagement sessions start at $450. An engagement session is also included in most wedding packages.

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You finally made it to the top of the proverbial high school food chain, so why not show your friends how AWESOME you are with a fun, senior photo session! Senior photos are a tradition and we enjoy getting to know our seniors in a 2 hour photo session. No, these are not your boring yearbook photos. We act silly, have a great time and capture great photos that look good, have style and lots of personality! Why? Because they're ALL ABOUT YOU!

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There are moments in life that you never want to forget: the birth of your first baby, your daughter getting accepted to The Julliard School, your son turning five and starting school. It could be that you’ve never taken family photos and you’ve decided it’s time. The list is endless and there are always moments in life that call for great photography! Whatever moments you want to capture in your life, a Lifestyle session is a great choice!

2013 Lifestyle sessions start at $350.

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The most important moments in your life should be captured
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senior portraitchucks
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These days I call Austin, TX my home, but I'm a Florida girl through and through. I like the Tampa Bay Bucs and The Rays. I love the beaches and feeling sand in between my toes. I enjoy the warmth of the sunshine on my face. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I drink ridiculous amounts of green tea. Lightning is beautiful artwork in the sky. Thunderstorms make me calm. They force me to be still and listen. I'm fascinated by alligators. I love tennis: watching and playing. My favorite colors are tangerine and almost any shade of green. I also like turquoise and most shades of yellow. One day, I’d like to go back to France to live. I don’t eat a lot of Mexican food, but I think Chipotle and Torchy's make the best burritos in Texas! Bacon is DELICIOUS!! I smile and laugh a lot! I overuse exclamation points sometimes!!!!! (See.) My mother is my rock. My father is my biggest fan. I'm a child of God, a daughter, sister, a friend and owner/mom to an awesome dog named Tokina. I'm also an artist. My style is candid, real, natural and unforced. I capture moments. I believe there's beauty in every photo and I would love to be your photographer!
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Verna Starling, Owner/Photographer
        e: starlingphotography@gmail.com
        p: (512) 689-3677

I'd love to know more about you, your event and the type of photography you're interested in.